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Less Than Perfect Credit Loans

Have bad credit? Looking to find a mortgage lender who will get you a first time mortgage loan, help you with consolidating your bills, or show you how to obtain a first time home buyer loan? We can help! Do not let past credit problems or uncontrolled debts prevent you bad credit mortgage loanfrom getting the loan you need! We specialize in helping homeowners repair their credit… putting them on the road to recovery. Even if you’ve been turned down for a home loan before – or don’t think you can qualify – we can help! We have many first time home buyer programs available for those that have less than perfect credit. If you have not had the best of luck keeping your credit report clean, do not worry. We understand that things happen and not knowing which bad credit mortgage lender to turn to can become an overwhelming experience.

Low Rate Home Loans even with past credit problems

Need a low rate home loan with bad credit? We can help! We offer many loan programs for those with less than perfect credit, including FHA home loans! FHA, stands for the Federal Housing Administration and through this entity there may be many FHA loan programs for you to assist in getting you approved. Bank of England Mortgage,  can help with low rate home loans even if you have missed or had late credit card payments, charge-offs, repossession, filed for bankruptcy in the past seven years or have not paid taxes. Don’t despair if you have one or more of these blemishes on your credit report, there are still avenues that we can pursue in order to buy that dream home you’ve always wanted! Bank of England Mortgage can help with financing for your home.

Less than perfect credit, ask us about a home loan solution; Purchase or Refinance

We also provide you with information about the things you should do before applying for a mortgage loan and what to look for when doing so.

Even borrowers with very bad credit, including recent bankruptcy, foreclosure, and mortgage lates can obtain mortgage loans. Home buyers with less than perfect credit must understand however, that the type of mortgage loans available to them in this mortgage market, bares very little resemblance to the type of home mortgage loans that those with good credit can get. We, at Bank of England Mortgage, a bad credit mortgage lender are here to help provide you with the answers to the questions regarding these types of loans. If we can not qualify you today, we work with you in restoring your credit so that when you are able to buy a home, you will utilize us.

Apply Online for a Home Loan with less than perfect credit

Applying online and getting approved for a home loan with bad credit is easy at Bank of England Mortgage. We’ll have a solution.

Start now by filling out our online application for a mortgage with bad credit or contact us via email with your questions and we will quickly get back to you. We can help, even if you have been turned down before! Call us at 877-900-4762

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